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Understanding Domestic Assault Charges

There is no specific definition of “domestic assault”. Rather, this can include spouses, common-law partners, or more casual relationships. Domestic assault offences typically allege physical, verbal, or threatening accusations — including the use of a weapon.

Based in Toronto, Leo Adler Law has provided legal assistance and advice to individuals facing such charges throughout Canada. We understand how allegations of assault can impact your job, reputation and access to your home and family.

Effective Legal Defences For You

As many of these offences take place within private homes, there are often no witnesses besides the individuals involved.

An assault charge can have severe consequences, such as stringent bail conditions, that could impact your day-to-day routine and affect your ability to travel.

Our firm can provide advice on how to position yourself so as to potentially reduce the penalty, or even have the charge withdrawn.

Even if some of the details are challenging, we leverage our expansive knowledge of criminal law to build the best possible defence strategies for your case.

A Detail-Focused Approach To Your Case

Our firm has well over 40 years of combined experience as criminal defence lawyers. We conduct a very thorough background session with you — so that we can focus on the facts of your case and thereby put forward effective defences.

We explain how the law applies to your matter, so you’ll understand your defence options and their ramifications.

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