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Defending Against Drug And Gun Charges

If you are in possession of illegal drugs you could be charged with a drug related offence. Even private recreational use can result in criminal convictions. Further still, you could face the seizure of your house and property as “proceeds of crime” or as due to criminal activity going on there.

Drug-related charges generally include:

  • Possession
  • Production
  • Trafficking
  • The seizure of property by the government

The consequences of drug related offences can vary depending on the individual circumstances and the type and amount of drugs involved and the location of the offence.

The same can be said about guns. The courts treat such offences very seriously – and the punishment can mean years in jail.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Leo Adler Law has assisted clients throughout Canada with defences that protect their rights, their property interests and their futures.

Honest Discussions

A conviction may result in jail time and may also affect your ability to travel or gain future employment.

Our lawyers have a candid discussion about your case with you. Even if the factual details are challenging, we can advise you on how best to proceed. Each defence that we argue is tailored to your unique circumstances.

We Are Always Available To Our Clients

We take a team approach to your file. We are always available to take your call and our staff will always give you an update on your case.

We will educate you on the applicable legislation and case law and how they apply to your matter. We want you to know as much about the case as we do. This way, you will understand the advice that we give so you can make an informed decision on which strategy suits your interests.

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