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Defending Impaired Driving / Over 80 Charges

Impaired driving charges involve driving and the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Penalties always include fines and the suspension of your licence. They may also result in more severe consequences such as jail and the lifetime loss of your driver’s licence if you are a repeat offender.

The consequences of convictions may affect you professionally – not to mention your lifestyle and mobility – and will also impact your insurance rates.

Our firm, Leo Adler Law, has over 40 years of experience helping clients develop effective defences.

Defences Tailored To Your Goals

Our lawyers have seen a vast variety of drinking and driving situations. And we can provide you with the best options for your specific case. Our goal is to make sure we highlight the strongest facts, and circumvent the more challenging details.

In short, we craft the best defence options available for your case.

Client-Focus Is Our Priority

Our lawyers make sure that you are involved in your defence during every step of the process. We want you to know everything about your case — including the legislation and how the law applies to your circumstances — just as we do.

At Leo Adler Law, we are always available to take your call and answer your questions.

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