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Solid Legal Advice And Support For Extradition Cases

Facing extradition from Canada to another country is frightening. You may be subjected to a foreign court system, lengthy sentences and harsh jail conditions. The first thought for many people faced with such a situation is “what do I do – who do I retain”?

Likewise, being arrested in a foreign country – whether for extradition to Canada or for local offences – can also be an excruciating experience. Again, the first thought is “what do I do – who do I retain”?

Leo Adler Law is the effective answer to both questions.

Whether you are a Canadian, an immigrant, or a visitor, you need a lawyer who knows his way around the international criminal justice system. Without knowledgeable legal counsel many individuals often waive extradition just to get the process started in foreign countries, thus forfeiting their rights in Canada, and jeopardizing their legal chances to stay in Canada.

Extensive Legal Assistance

With over 40 years of international criminal defence experience, our senior lawyer, Leo Adler, can assist you by identifying:

  • The requirements needed for bail, and how to convince the courts to release you
  • Whether the legal and non-legal obligations for extradition have been met
  • Arguments to be made to the Minister to stop the extradition – or to attach favourable conditions that the foreign State must comply with regarding your extradition
  • Who to retain outside Canada who would work in conjunction with Leo Adler Law regarding your case and, if necessary, help to have you serve your sentence in Canada
  • How to negotiate on your behalf with officials in the requesting country regarding bail, penalties and processes

Arrange A Consultation

Call the Toronto, Ontario office of Leo Adler Law at 800-513-9769 for a consultation or set up a meeting using our online form.

We’re available evenings and weekends for appointments.


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