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Sandra Kimberg



Toronto, Ontario, Canada





Sandra received her Master of Arts in Law from the prestigious University of Oxford where she finished at the top of her class with a First Class grade. At Oxford, Sandra participated in moots and the Law Society, and represented the university on the tennis and volleyball teams.

While completing her Canadian legal accreditation, Sandra worked as a Court Reporter and Bilingual Judicial Secretary at the Ontario Court of Justice. Sandra articled at a criminal firm before joining Leo Adler Law as an associate.


Misconceptions about extradition out of Canada

The stakes of any criminal offence are high. A person can be looking at jail or prison time, financial penalties and a stained criminal record. However, if you are also facing extradition, there is even more on the line. In this situation, misconceptions about your...

Real estate agents and professional misconduct, Part 2

Allegations of professional misconduct can ultimately lead to devastating consequences. Those holding professional licenses risk suspension, fines, a record of misconduct or the loss of their license. From health professionals and financial sector employees to legal...

Real estate agents and professional misconduct, Part 1

Licensed professionals must adhere to strict standards of care and service to their clients. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for those in competitive professions to become overzealous in their approach to customer care. Aggressive sales tactics are generally lauded...

The three phases of extradition

Whether you are a citizen, an immigrant or a visitor to a foreign country, a charge of any level criminal offence can be a frightening experience. That said, international crimes carry additional complexities in the number of agencies involved and the details of the...

The Federal Court of Canada will embrace virtual hearings for IP

Months into a prolonged COVID-19 shutdown, many organizations are exploring various tech-based methods to continue to operate efficiently. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, to learn that the Court is turning to virtual hearings in an effort to keep the judicial system...

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