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Sharon Gillespie

Legal Assistant

Sharon Gillespie


Toronto, Ontario, Canada





Sharon joined Leo Adler Law early in 2021, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her work in the criminal defence field, spanning more than 30 years. Starting as a graduate from the Toronto School of Business she has gained extensive professional experience working alongside respected Defence Counsel and former Crown Attorneys. Sharon is passionate about helping others and is our front line to your defence.


International extradition and mutual legal assistance

Currently, numerous countries have extradition treaties in place such that an individual can be transported internationally to face investigation and criminal penalties. The extradition process can be complex and lengthy, however, requiring negotiations and extensive...

What is the concept of dual criminality in extradition?

International extradition follows a complex process with numerous checks and balances built in. No matter the allegation, it is wise to have a thorough understanding of the process and any challenges that could potentially arise during any phase. In Canada, the...

Can bail be denied during the extradition process?

Canada has extradition treaties in place with numerous international states. When the extradition process is set in motion, those accused are afforded due process in accordance with the Extradition Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That said, it is not...

Misconceptions about extradition out of Canada

The stakes of any criminal offence are high. A person can be looking at jail or prison time, financial penalties and a stained criminal record. However, if you are also facing extradition, there is even more on the line. In this situation, misconceptions about your...

Real estate agents and professional misconduct, Part 2

Allegations of professional misconduct can ultimately lead to devastating consequences. Those holding professional licenses risk suspension, fines, a record of misconduct or the loss of their license. From health professionals and financial sector employees to legal...

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