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Sharon Gillespie

Legal Assistant

Sharon Gillespie


Toronto, Ontario, Canada





Sharon joined Leo Adler Law early in 2021, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her work in the criminal defence field, spanning more than 30 years. Starting as a graduate from the Toronto School of Business she has gained extensive professional experience working alongside respected Defence Counsel and former Crown Attorneys. Sharon is passionate about helping others and is our front line to your defence.


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How important is my background if I’m facing criminal charges?

Navigating the Canadian criminal justice system can be incredibly frightening and intimidating if you are facing charges. It can feel like no one is looking out for you or concerned about your rights. However, you have rights, including the right to defend and protect...

Challenging extradition orders from Canada: Is it possible?

If you are charged with a crime in another country, that country could appeal to the Canadian government to extradite – i.e., deport – you to that country to stand trial. Facing prosecution in a foreign country, with unfamiliar laws, can be a scary thing. However,...

Recent trends in international extradition

International extradition can quickly become a complex process based on the countries involved and types of crime law enforcement alleges. Canada maintains extradition treaties with numerous countries worldwide and it crucial that legal professionals maintain a...

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