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Leo Adler Law is proud to offer our clients 45+ years of winning Canadian and International criminal law experience. Our team is available to all clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Defences For All
Criminal And Professional Misconduct Offences In Canada And Internationally

The firm is led by Leo Adler, a respected, experienced criminal lawyer and adjunct law professor of international criminal law. Our purpose is to advance every viable defence available for you — whether your matter is inside or outside of Canada.

The firm of Leo Adler Law assists and advises clients who have been charged, arrested or are suspected of committing an offence. Our team knows that situations occur at any moment, which is why we are available 24/7 to help you.

With over 45 years of international and Canadian criminal, professional misconduct and regulatory law experience, including inquests, the Leo Adler Law firm serves clients across Canada and internationally for cases involving:

At Leo Adler Law, we don’t believe in plea bargaining just for the sake of resolution. We never stop working for our clients — and we never stop pursuing the best possible results for their case.

Legal Representation
Across International Borders

The firm of Leo Adler Law has extensive knowledge of extradition cases, as well as international criminal law and procedures. The firm offers effective analysis of the allegations, the foreign laws and the processes you may face, and develops a defence strategy that assesses:

  • The viability of the case against you
  • The requirements for extradition, including submissions to the Minister
  • Representation in foreign jurisdictions
  • Issues of bail

Our firm’s principle, Leo Adler, serves as an Adjunct Professor of International Criminal Law at the Osgoode Hall Law School of York University. Mr. Adler is a highly-sought after media commentator, a government consultant on national security, and a member of several international legal defence organizations. As a result, Mr. Adler is uniquely able to deal with international criminal matters, including:

  • Extradition cases of Canadians or foreigners in or out of Canada
  • Corporate crime, bribery, money laundering and other white-collar crimes
  • Extra-territorial criminal allegations

For over forty years, Mr. Adler has been a relentless force in Canadian law, and his cases have often made national and international headlines. Four of his cases became radio plays on CBC Radio “Scales of Justice” program, produced by George Jonas and narrated by Edward (Eddie) Greenspan. When “Scales of Justice” became a television show, one of Mr. Adler’s cases became the basis of a “made for tv” movie.

Solutions For
Professional Misconduct Matters

Whether it’s fraud, harassment, or a quasi-criminal or criminal negligence matter, Leo Adler Law makes no judgments – we just concentrate on exceptional defences.

When facing a regulatory board or tribunal, our firm highlights the licenced professional’s strong points, while simultaneously advising our clients on the most effective strategies to mitigate their weaknesses.

We don’t negotiate a settlement just because it might be the easier solution – we look for the strategy that will offer the best results for you, including:

  • Maintaining your professional licence
  • Avoiding criminal repercussions
  • Reducing possible consequences and sanctions

Arrests And
Bail Hearings

If the police approach you, or suspect you of committing a crime – contact us and we will deal with them and, if necessary, negotiate a surrender and / or bail.

If there is an arrest, we have experience in conducting bail hearings so that you don’t have to spend more time in custody.

Whatever the circumstances, we will leverage our extensive knowledge of criminal law to assist you whether you are:

  • Arrested
  • Charged
  • Under suspicion by the authorities

Extensive Forensic Experience

Mr. Adler has a keen interest in – and considerable experience with – forensic science. He worked on one of the very first DNA cases in Canada, and has been retained or consulted on numerous DNA and other forensic cases due to his ability to apply science to criminal cases.

Communication Is Key To An Effective Defence

Even if some details may be difficult to explain, we talk to you without making any moral judgments. We focus on the facts and advise you on how you can mitigate matters, and what your legal alternatives are.

Our firm is always available to help you and to talk to you. We will always answer your questions.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Based in Toronto, Ontario, we provide legal services for clients anywhere within Ontario, across Canada and Internationally. Please note: we do not handle inter-state extraditions in the United States of America.
Call the firm of Leo Adler Law 24/7 toll free at 800-513-9769 to make an appointment for a consultation. We are available evenings and weekends for appointments and consultations. 

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